Glue and buckle the area (the material type of the

      It glue with strength deduct high without being brought viscidity,it to glue is easy to be shut easy fast from,the getting more repeated from using jointly very, cold-resistant and heat-resisting, color besides black, white and basic, can meet customer offer PANTONE (international colour chip) color symbol or real standard color kind make. Glueing and deducting the area uses materials to pass and test that does not include even nitrogen, heavy metal, trade environmental protection standard that totally accords with countries such as European Union, Japan, U.S.A.,etc.. Glue, spike and take the quality speciality to be steady, dye at high temperature by oneself, there are more than 100 kinds of colors, a dozen specifications, there are stock for a long time!

Carry and deduct the area stickily

   Carry and scribble and glue the not doing the glue, pressing the quick glue or other to glue pharmaceutical high-efficiently of strength, high viscidity, glueing fast, very cold-resistant, heat-resisting, press and shut hard before using, laminate for an hour the viscosity reaches 90. 24 hour later, it give play to viscidity to the highest,temperatures applicable -20-70.

Stress hair glue spike lead

     It fluff glue deduct it bring (stress by hair) being the getting more repeated from using up to by 18,000 or more times, quality stability jointly very, brush hair is the even, silk, eaches brokens difficult arrange neat, the appearance is exquisite, can be able to bear washing, be able to bear the sunshine, able to bear changing, heat-resisting, cold-resistant and glueing and deducting and taking the quality speciality to be steady yellowly at high temperature.

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